What’s better than a large 3D printer? A custom enclosure to go with it!

Enclosures are a staple in the 3D printing world, especially when using ABS. In fact, it’s almost impossible to print ABS parts without a heated bed and enclosure, as this type of filament will warp without them. For smaller 3D printers, those heated enclosures are relatively simple. But when your 3D printer is as tall as a person, such as Titan’s Atlas, things get interesting.

So how did we do it? Simple: use the same industrial quality materials to build a big box to house the Atlas!

Here at Titan, we realize our customers wanted the versatility of not only printing in PLA, but making high quality parts out of ABS too. With such a large build space and the printer’s ability to run for weeks, warping is not an option. What we came up with is a fully insulated, heated enclosure that the Atlas is mounted to inside.

Some of the specs include: steel frame, 14 gauge steel sheet metal, high density foam, industrial heater and controller, with a temperature range between 70 and 85 Celsius.

Now you might be wondering how the printer holds up inside of the heated enclosure. Well we have tested out all of the components and they’re all rated for temps up to 85 Celsius. The control box is mounted on the outside of the enclosure to keep it cool and make it easy for you to run print jobs. Plus, we added a nice little window so you can check on your prints.

Check out some of our action shots of building one of these custom enclosures:

enclosure 1

enclosure 3

Atlas in enclosure

Atlas in enclosure

Custom enclosure

Custom enclosure



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