Titan Robotics Announces A New Large 3D Printer Called The Atlas

This large 3D printer changes the game with both its size and quality.



The world of large 3D printers is inundated with light duty, aluminum extrusion printers with inexpensive and inefficient components. That is all changing with the introduction of Titan Robotics’ custom, large 3D printer called The Atlas.

Titan Robotics aptly named this 3D printer after the famous Greek god who was known for fighting alongside the Titans and then later charged to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. The strength of this Greek god is an accurate depiction of the strength and size of this new 3D printer.

With over a year of rigorous testing and several machines already placed in manufacturing facilities, the machine’s reliability has been proven to accurately print large prototypes over and over again. In one case, The Atlas has been documented in accurately printing an extremely large and functioning prototype with a print time of just over 200 hours. “We are excited to introduce such a high quality 3D printer,” said Founder and CEO Clay Guillory. “We fully expect this printer to be a game changer in the 3D printing industry.”

The Atlas is a moving table, raised bridge, Cartesian machine with a heated print bed for increased primary layer adhesion. The standard model build size of 30”X x 30”Y x 45”Z sets the bar in large scale, industrial quality 3D printing and machining centers. The scalable frame is comprised of welded and machined steel with profiled linear rails that sit flat and parallel within .005”. This precision is unparalleled in the 3D printer industry, and is sure to be highly sought after by prototyping and manufacturing professionals.

Further, Titan Robotics Atlas 3D printers are completely customizable in both the components used and the scale of the machine. The Atlas printer can be designed to any desired build space up to 6’ x 6’ x 4’. The printer is capable of running virtually any 3mm plastic filament through its optional dual extruders with extreme precision. This precision is achieved in thanks to ground ballscrews on all axis. Open loop NEMA23 stepper motors are standard, with closed loop servo control optional for increased reliability and speed. Finely tuned Smoothieboard open source CNC controllers and software are used to operate the machine. This machine is capable of designated feed rates per axis with a guaranteed repeatability of +- .005”.

In just one use, it is apparent that The Atlas was not built with your casual, desktop enthusiast in mind. Instead, this high quality machine was designed for users that want a large 3D printer that will print consistently, and will last a life time.

For more information about this 3D printer visit www.Titan3DRobotics.com.

About Titan Robotics
Titan Robotics is focused on building large 3D printers that will last a lifetime. This startup company based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado is dedicated to only using the highest quality components and precision machined steel to manufacture their 3D printers. The company was founded by Clay Guillory a mechanical engineer who started the company based on quality and good customer service.

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