The Cronus

The Cronus is Titan’s latest machine, a multi-gantry FFF style 3D printer that can be fitted with multiple tool heads for faster fabrication of large, complex parts. The standard Cronus has five print heads on five moving bridges using Titan’s unique offset gantry design. The Cronus utilizes Autodesk® Netfabb® collaborative multi-head 3D printing technology that intelligently distributes tool paths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer.

The standard build volume of the Cronus is 72″X x 30″Y x 20″Z, but these dimensions are customizable. The Cronus is available as an open air machine for printing in PLA and PETG materials, or with a heated enclosure to allow for printing with high temperature plastics, such as ABS, PC+PBT, HIPS and more. The Cronus is designed and built with premium quality electronics and precision components on all axes for maximum speed, accuracy and reliability.

The Cronus will be available for purchase starting in February 2017.

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