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Titan Robotics, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of state-of the-art industrial 3D printers, with customers across the globe. Titan’s game changing technology and product offerings enable its customers to use 3D printing in their production processes, from manufacturing existing products more cost-effectively to making new products to continue to drive innovation.

Our History

Founded in 2014, Titan Robotics has grown from a garage-startup to a leading manufacturer of large-format 3D printers and a pioneer in production 3D printing technology. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Titan Robotics recently expanded into a 22,000 square foot facility in December 2019, doubling Titan’s production capacity and space. Serving a global industrial customer base, Titan Robotics not only manufactures all of its industrial 3D printers in-house, but provides 3D printing services, material integration, R&D and additive manufacturing consultation with its growing team of experts.

Dual Pellet Extrusion

Our mission is to enable the adoption of Additive Manufacturing in industrial production.

Titan Robotics facility

Titan Robotics headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO


Winner of ColoradoBiz 2020 Top Company in Manufacturing and Colorado Springs 2019 Company of the Year. Featured in…

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