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Titan Robotics is an industrial additive manufacturing solutions provider and is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art industrial 3D printers. With an industrial CNC motion control system and innovative extrusion technology, Titan’s Atlas and Atlas-H 3D Printers are helping our industrial customers adopt additive manufacturing into their production processes.

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Atlas 2.5 3D Printer

Standard Atlas

Titan Robotics’ flagship large-format 3D printer, the Atlas, is an industrial additive manufacturing system available with pellet extrusion, filament extrusion or a hybrid pellet + filament extrusion system. Standard Atlas build volumes range from 30″x30″x45″ up to 50″x50″x72″ with custom sizes available.


Titan’s new Atlas-H 3D printer expands extrusion capabilities by featuring dual retracting pellet extruders or a hybrid dual retracting pellet + filament extrusion system to enable printing multiple pellet materials on the same print. Atlas-H print volumes range from 42″x42″x48″ to 50″x50″x72″ with custom sizes available.

Atlas H Dual Pellet Extrusion

Production Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Faster print speeds up to 30,000mm per minute

Up to 10X savings in material cost compared to filament

High temperature materials proven for applications up to 350F

Produce large parts inhouse, print sizes up to 50"x50"x72"

Pellet Extrusion on the Atlas

3D print with high temperature materials including CF-PEI, GF-PEKK and GF-PC on the Atlas with Titan’s Pellet Extrusion System and Industrial Heated Enclosure. Direct pellet fed 3D printing enables the use of a wide range of materials while reducing material cost by 10X and with 10X higher deposition rates compared to filament 3D printing.

Hybrid Pellet + Filament Extrusion

The Atlas with Hybrid Pellet + Filament Extrusion system provides the ultimate flexibility in choosing the right extrusion technique for your application. For large parts that need to be printed quickly, select pellet extrusion for high-deposition rates. For parts that require high surface resolution and fine details, filament extrusion is the preferred method. Hybrid printing also enables printing with dual materials, such as soluble support material and high-performance model material.

PEKK Pellets and Part
Hybrid Pellet + Filament 3D Printing

Dual Pellet Extrusion on the Atlas-H

Atlas H Dual Pellet Extruders

Atlas-H 3D Printer

Titan’s Atlas-H 3D Printer 

• Dual Retracting Pellet Extruders

• Enables dual pellet material 3D printing

• Available with Hybrid Dual Pellet + Single Filament Extruder Configuration

Atlas & Atlas-H

Atlas and Atlas H Chart
Atlas 3D Printers Sizes Table

Large format 3D printing has helped us speed up the manufacturing process of our products, due to the confidence we have for the Atlas to work 24/7 without the need for special care during printing. 


Alonso Alvarez | Proveedora de Servicios y Suministros Industriales (PSSI)

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