How Large 3D Printers are Shaking Up the Manufacturing Industry

3D Printing is moving past the “what is it stage?” as more people are becoming familiar with the technology and using it in manufacturing. The recent movement in the industry hasn’t come from the large 3D printer manufacturers such as 3D Systems or Stratasys, but instead from small, local innovators who are driving the change to a more open and inclusive environment. The walls are continuing to be broken down by companies like The 3D Printing Store® and Titan Robotics®.

The 3D Printing Store

3d printer customerThe 3D Printing Store® was founded in 2012 and was one of the first retail 3D printing stores in the United States. They started with three 3D printers, and now they have 25 3D printers over 5 locations in 4 states. “3D printing is as exciting as ever, but our real passion is to help our customers to create ideas in a tangible form,” says Justin Finesilver, Director of Marketing and Operations. “The look on the face of one of our customers when they see an actual idea of theirs come to life is what makes our time and effort worthwhile. We have been fortunate to be able to work on thousands of 3D printed projects in many different materials and we feel strongly that our insight and expertise can be helpful to most people interested in learning more about 3D printing and using it in their personal or business lives.”

The 3D Printing Store has worked on projects that have gotten million part orders and are on store shelves now, products that have been featured on Shark Tank, products that have been to space, on ships and everywhere in between. Their primary goal is to take on most any project and provide results for their clients.

A New Trend in the 3D Printing Industry – Large 3D Printers

The 3D Printing Store has noticed that there has been much higher interest from manufacturers who would like to have industrial size and strength parts available to them in the prototype world. What better way to meet this demand than by 3D printing in large format? The 3D Printing Store began creating many parts with Titan Robotic’s large format 3D printer, The Atlas, for new customers who would have never considered 3D printing because they thought the larger size was an obstacle in 3D printing. The customer base at The 3D Printing Store now has options to create their ideas in life size, rather than a scale model. This is great for form, fit and in many cases, function.

Titan Robotics – Manufacturing Large 3D Printers



The primary reason Clay Guillory, founder and CEO of Titan Robotics, started the company was because he wanted to make large 3D printing accessible to the additive manufacturing industry.

Before starting Titan Robotics, Clay was designing multi-million dollar 5-axis CNC routers. He quickly became passionate about 3D printing and how it could be used in the manufacturing process. Using his knowledge about CNC routers, he began designing large format 3D printers that could be utilized in an industrial setting. Soon after, he started Titan Robotics in order to fulfil the need for industrial, large-format 3d printing.

Titan Robotics is now manufacturing large-format 3D printers such as The Atlas with a build space of 30x30x45 inches. The frame is comprised of welded and machined steel with profiled linear rails that sit flat and parallel within .001”. This precision is unparalleled in the 3D printer industry and is sure to be highly sought after by prototyping and manufacturing professionals. In short, this machine was designed to last a lifetime, and provide industry professionals such as the operators at The 3D Printing Store with a highly precise machine.

Further, Titan Robotics Atlas 3D printers are completely customizable in both the components used and the scale of the machine. The Atlas printer can be designed to any desired build space up to 6’ x 6’ x 4’. If there are specifications needed such as dual extruders, then Titan Robotics will make the machine to spec.

Ultimately, Titan Robotics’ goal is to meet the manufacturing industries need for large format 3D printers that can perform in an industrial environment.

Working Together to Meet Manufacturer’s Needs

Two quality companies who both specialize in different parts of the 3D printing industry are working together to serve a new customer base and provide 3D Printing technology and service that hasn’t been available until now.

A seamless relationship that focuses on the best result for new and returning customers. Titan Robotics and The 3D Printing Store are working together to broaden the horizons of the entire 3D printing industry.

For more information about how you can tap into our 3D printing resources, you can visit the sites below.

The 3D Printing Store (For prototyping and 3D Printing Services)

(720) 443-3733

Titan Robotics (For purchasing large-format 3D printers)

(337) 277-5346

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