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Holy 3D Printed Humanoid Robots!

Renderings of a humanoid robotic torso I will be printing for a customer. Just the beginning of our foray into robots.

3d printed robot 3d printed robot

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Fall in Colorado!

My favorite season of Fall has officially arrived here in Colorado Springs. That means fall colors, cooler weather, and eventually snowboarding!

3d printers colorado
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Titan Robotics Atlas nearing completion

The Atlas is nearing completion! Electronics are running, machine is welded, machined, and painted. This machine will have a build space of 30″ x 30″ x 45″z with a dual extruder equipped with a 1.5 mm nozzle. Accuracy and repeatibility will be +-.005″ thanks to industrial quality profiled rails, weldment frame, and true industrial quality recirculating bearing ballscrews. Did I mention reliable print speeds at 192mm/s?Continue Reading..


Look mom, I’m on TV!

Look, it’s Titan on TV!¬†Titan Robotics has been featured on Colorado Springs Channel KOAA 5 to promote the e-Nable project.

Clay Cuillory, Titan Robotics CEO

Here is the link to the story!