Building a 3D printed robot

A big project we’ve been working on at Titan is printing and assembling a humanoid robot for a client.  The project is through InMoov, the first open source 3D printed life size humanoid robot.  This job is a massive undertaking, with more than 200 parts to print and assemble, then installing the servos and electronics.

At this point we are about 80 percent complete, with all of the parts printed.  Some still need to be cleaned up and then it’s time to finish assembling the arms and face (the torso is pretty much complete) and install the servos that will enable the robot to move.

The InMoov robot is like a puzzle, with some larger pieces, and many small and intricate ones that all have to fit together perfectly. It has been a challenge and a learning experience, but a lot of fun to create.  The project also allows me to expand my engineering skills and dive right into electrical engineering.
We haven’t come up with a name for the robot, still working on that. I’m sure the client has something in mind.  For more about InMoov, go to their website:  http://www.inmoov.fr/project/

[This robot is being built on our Atlas and Hyperion printers which are now for sale (Atlas build space 30x X 30y X 48z for $15,000; Hyperion build space 22x X 18y X 24z for $10,900). We build large, custom, industrial 3D printers at consumer prices. We use precision machined steel, and the help of million dollar CNC mill. Email for more details.]

Check out some photos of completed and not-quite completed parts!

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