The Atlas

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Atlas 2.5 3D Printer

The Atlas is Titan Robotics’ flagship industrial 3D Printer. Available with pellet extrusion, filament extrusion or a hybrid pellet + filament extrusion system, the Atlas 3D Printer provides solutions for your additive manufacturing needs.

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For more information about Dual Pellet Extrusion 3D printing on Titan’s Atlas-H 3D printers, click here.

Extrusion Options

Pellet Extruder on the Atlas

Pellet Extruder

Pellet Extrusion on the Atlas 3D Printer uses raw resin plastic pellets instead of traditional filament feed stock. Due to the Atlas’ robust frame and design, Pellet Extrusion is available on all Atlas models.

Hybrid Pellet + Filament 3D Printing

Hybrid Pellet + Filament Extruders

The Hybrid Pellet + Filament Extrusion System on the Atlas is available with one pellet extruder and either a single or dual retracting Mastiff high flow filament extruders

Hytrel(R) Pellets

Pellet Extrusion increases the speed at which parts can be created, cutting down production time by a factor of 10X. The number and types of materials that can be 3D printed is greatly expanded, enabling the use of custom compounded materials, from very soft rubber plastics to strong, high temperature or carbon-fiber filled plastics.

Ingeo(R) Filament

The Mastiff high flow extruder increases filament printing speeds by 3X compared to Titan’s previous filament extruders, with an average printing flow rate of 1 pound per hour. The Mastiff is compatible with most FDM style filaments, including ABS, PC+PBT, PETG and PLA.

Atlas Specifications

Build Volumes Atlas 1.0: 30″x30″x45″
Atlas 2.0: 36″x36″x48″
Atlas 2.5: 42″x42″x48″
Custom Sizes Available
Industrial Heated Enclosure 80C
Heated Bed 140C
Extruder Temperatures Pellet Extruder: 400C
Filament Extruder: 400C
Pellet Extruder Nozzle Sizes 0.6mm up to 9.0mm
Filament Extruder Nozzle Sizes 0.4mm up to 1.2mm
Motion Control System CNC Controller. Servos on all axes
Speeds Print Speeds up to 30,000mm/min
Rapid Travel Speeds up to 1M/min
Slicing Software Simplify3D
User Interface Industrial PC Touchscreen
Connectivity Network or Ethernet.
Remote access and monitoring. USB
Frame Welded Steel. Precision Machined
Power Input 220V Three Phase 100amp



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