3D Printing a Robot: Meet Fred

Open source projects surround the maker community. Many brilliant people in this community have devoted their entire spare time to make their grandiose dreams become a reality. Some people have shared their passions with the internet with hopes of collaboration. The InMoov project is one of these dreams spearheaded by one man as well as the community he surrounded himself with. Gael Langevin was a sculptor by trade and wanted to create something more than a static human model. He dove head first into robotics with no prior experience and with the help of the open source community has made a moving, talking robot a reality. Many have followed in his footsteps, inspired by his work and take on the task of building a 3D printed robot.

Not too long ago we posted about 3D printing and assembling an InMoov humanoid robot. At that stage, all of the pieces had been printed and assembly was on its way. Fast forward several weeks, and the humanoid robot we’ve named “Fred” is moving, responding to commands and being mounted onto a motorized wheel base. Servos installed throughout the body allow Fred a wide range of motion that are controlled by Arduino. Printing all parts and assembling the robot was labor intensive, but teaching ourselves how to code was an entirely different challenge. The results of this project have been astounding and we are happy to present our work.

At Titan Robotics, we owe that spirit of open sourced projects to our success and are proud to present our InMoov based robot build… Say hello to Fred.

(Feel free to ask any questions about this project in the comments.)

This project was completed by our team here at Titan Robotics. Titan Robotics is focused on building large 3D printers using high quality, industrial components. Titan Robotics also builds completely custom made 3D printers allowing customers to specify the size, components, and other functionality needed for their operations.

3D Printed Robot




 3d printed robot
3d printed robot
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